V ring


The V-shaped cut creates contrast, making it appear there is a stone depending on the lighting.  Minimal decoration with the applied cut brings out the uniqueness of the person who wears it.
The V-shaped cut creates strong shadows as well as a strong presence.
From a variety of combinations, such as with or without gloss, and color combinations, choose the one which appears to be the best for you.

  • アーム、カット面ともに鏡面、マット仕上げより選択
  • K18YG、WG、PG、CG 、Pt900より選択
  • エレメントダイヤモンドセッティング 1石5,500円(税込)
  • 価格は税込表示

カスタムシュミレーションをする >

1.8mm: ¥121,000
2.1mm: ¥148,500
2.4mm: ¥176,000
2.6mm: ¥203,500

1.8mm: ¥132,000
2.1mm: ¥159,500
2.4mm: ¥192,500
2.6mm: ¥220,000